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Trojon Fencing Contractors in the Northern Territory provides an excellent range of automatic fences to perfectly compliment your home or property. You'll find a fantastic range of fence options, such as Colorbond fences, automatic sliding gates, soundproof fences and much more.

We also provide excellent security fencing and can fully automate your existing gate. Our security options range from the commercial to the residential. Some of our other services include:

  • fence repairs
  • remote or rural fencing
  • acoustic fencing or noise reduction services

Stunning, functional designs and some of the finest quality products are right here for you. For a great range of options to suit all your fencing needs, call us today. No project is too big or too small. Make your fence or gate a Trojon one. Our team bring expertise and care to every installation. Give us a call to organise a free quote at your house, business, factory or anywhere in the Northern Territory.

About us

Why choose Trojon Fencing Contractors? Well, for starters we offer the Northern Territory a great affordable automatic fences service. And we have a range of quality products to suit all budgets.

Commitment to the best possible service in every aspect of our business gets us up in the morning. Yes indeed. If you want something delivered on time we're the ones to do it.

If you need installations done within budget and with care, expertise and attention to detail, we're the ones to see. Give us a call and we'll discuss all your fencing and gate needs today.


Trojon Fencing Contractors in the Northern Territory provides a variety of great fences and gates to suit any purpose. Our automatic fences are excellent. We have a range of commercial and residential options available for you they include:

  • Colorbond fences
  • Automatic sliding gates
  • WALLMARK Soundproof fences
  • Fence repairs
  • Gates and automation

We cater for many different styles, tastes and budgets. So speak to our fencing contractors in the Northern Territory today and get a great deal.